Bringing joy to children’s eyes

Our main objective is to give children exciting and educationally valuable play concepts that spur creativity and imagination while supporting their development. The joy in children’s eyes is the perfect motivation to spend each day researching our young customers’ preferences and finding out what matters to them.

We test the design, materials and safety of our toys with the greatest of care. All our products and all materials that we use conform with national and international standards for children’s toys. Only in this way can we ensure that we continue to supply high-quality and lovingly designed products that not only bring joy to children, but also impress and inspire grown-ups and collectors.


Stimulating the imagination

We bring detailed, authentic and hand-painted animal figures and their habitats into the hands of children of all ages. Hands-on play experiences help them to learn about nature.

The digital revolution isn’t confined to the grown-up world – today’s kids are growing up with smartphones, tablets and similar devices. In an increasingly digital world, our figures and sets provide tactile experiences to balance out the virtual ones. They allow children to faithfully recreate the natural world not just visually, but in a physical form that enables hands-on play. All our products place a strong emphasis on tactile experience, which stimulates playful creativity and social skills – and helps support age-appropriate development. Playing with tactile toys also allows children to train their motor skills and learn to “grasp” their world – both literally and figuratively.

With our figures and play worlds, there’s a constant focus on children’s own imaginative and creative stories. The Schleich play worlds have further expanded on this by giving the Schleich figures a home. The different background settings for each line place the popular figures in an even bigger context. This enables even more vivid and exciting stories that stimulate the imagination. Our aim is to make children’s play experiences even more immersive and emotionally engaging.

From high-quality individual figures to diverse play worlds: our range offers limitless opportunities for creativity, guaranteeing lasting fun. We are proud to work with a professional team that enjoys developing top-quality play worlds – and to be a brand that children are enthusiastic about and parents trust.


Detailed modelling - lovingly painted - educationally valuable

Play, feel, experience: by playing with Schleich products, children learn what animals and their habitats look like in reality, and how human beings can treat animals in a responsible manner. All Schleich toys allow children to learn while they play, which stimulates their creativity, independence and development. From the initial sketch to the final design, our figures are made with the greatest attention to detail. Each figure is unique and lovingly hand-painted – and kids can tell: Schleich animals become loyal, truly individual companions, and hold an irreplaceable spot in many kids’ hearts.

Our diverse play worlds cater to the different needs and preferences of children of all ages and interests. Thanks to the varied selection on the Schleich shelves, every child will be able to find a toy that’s a perfect match for them and that will bring them fresh joy every single day.